Zala Kravos

Zala Kravos piano

One of the greatest talents I have ever seen.
Maria João Pires

Born in Slovenia in July 2002, Zala Kravos was initiated into music from the age of three in Brussels and received her first piano lessons at five in Luxembourg, where she lives with her family. At six, she entered the Conservatory of the City of Luxembourg, where she has obtained all available diplomas in piano performance and several diplomas in music theory. From 2012 to 2016, she studied in parallel at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel (Belgium) with Maria João Pires and continued with Louis Lortie until May 2018, when she passed the ‘Young Artist Diploma’ exam. This year, she was accepted – despite her young age – in the BA (Hons) programme at the Royal College of Music in London, where her piano professor is Norma Fisher. Since 2010, she regularly participates in master classes with internationally renowned pianists. In 2009 and 2011, she won gold medals at the Luxembourg Competition for Young Soloists. She is also laureate of several international competitions in France, Luxembourg, and the USA.

Zala Kravos has already embarked on what is sure to be an astounding musical career.
Chronicle, Luxembourg

A performing career that is already international enough to make her talk as if she’s an old hand.
International Piano Magazine, United Kingdom

Since the age of six, she has been making dozens of public appearances every year and has already performed in sixteen countries, including China and the USA. She has participated in several festivals in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Since the age of eight, she plays regularly as soloist with orchestras. More recently, she has started playing chamber music (duo and trio). In December 2018, she was nominated for the prize ‘Export Artist of the Year’ in Luxembourg (as the only teenager until now).

She releases her first album, whose maturity is totally staggering.
Laurent Graulus, Musiq3, Belgium

Musical insight that goes so much beyond a ‘computerized wunderkind’, whose skills are often obtained through endless practice.
Adrian Quanjer,

In 2017, at fourteen, she recorded in Germany her first solo album, which has been very well received by the critics and the media in seven European countries. In 2013, she recorded two impromptus (Schubert and Chopin) for the jubilee CD marking the 150 years of the UGDA, Luxembourgian music education association.

More information can be found on Zala’s website