Your San Martino a Natale

Are you a passionate musician or composer?
Share with us your art!

We would like to contribute to enrich the artistic proposal and to give support to the composition of new musical pieces and to promote the creativity in the musical field. Our hope is to bring the best emerging talents from all over the world to Venice.

Venice and it’s culture are sacred. So, we should never do something less worth than the immortal heritage we have there.
We are open for the ideas of composers and unique performers from all the world countries, without limits of age, aesthetical trends and compositional styles…just let it be real, beautiful, inspiring, fresh and enjoyable MUSIC.
Our aim is to stimulate a dynamical relationship between an active audience and authors sensitive to create beauty with their talent and abilities.
We will do our best to present and perform in a concert, part of the Festival, the most exiting works.


You may write us a mail :  
Thank you for makeing music. Go on.