Saturday 21 December 2019/ 17.30h

The Glass Cathedral-Santa Chiara Murano
Fondamenta Daniele Manin 1, 30141 Murano


”…and those who were seen dancing, were judged crazy by those who could not hear the music…”
Friedrich Nietzsche

THE TANGO is an art, poetry, connection. A lifestyle, a way of perceiving the existent. The essence of an equal relationship between a man and a woman.
Entering the secrets of tango means entering in a world where rules are not rigidly defined, but where everything is invention, passion and sensuality. Tango has also been called “A sad thought that dances” but this definition, poetically romantic, does not totally correspond to the truth. Tango is also joy and desire to live.


Ekaterina Philippovich violin
Loris Douyez violin, accordion 
Frédéric Dothée double bass 
Flavien Casaccio piano

Music by  Piazolla, Bacalov, Palmeri, Gardel, Douyez


With the extraordinary participation of the tango dancers Monia Niero and Daniele Negro, world champions – ‘International Dance Competition’ 2014, prizewinners of ‘Raices’ in Argentina, international prize ‘Trayectoria’ 2019 and prizewinners at the Europe Tango Championat Munster, Germany 2019

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