The most evocative and vibrant color

Many nations have given to the colors different names, but some elements in the path of history have remained unchanged, such as, for example, the great value of the RED, considered for a long time the only true color. It represents the divine spirit that descends into man and ignites his vital flame. The red color is also linked to love, passion…to the spark that gives the start of the ideas.

If there is a city to which the red color is bound this is undoubtedly Venice. The history, the fortune, the wealth of the Venetian republic and its dominion, have been tinged in red. An object of personal desire and social distinction, of privileges and prohibitions, red in Venice reveals traffic and political maneuvering, but it is also a chosen materia for the art…

The San Martino a Natale Festival 2019 is dedicated to the mysterious power of red. We have prepared a fabulous musical journey between different styles and epochs that will make you taste a truly special experience.

Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa 
Galleria di Piazza San Marco
San Marco 30124 Venezia

SATURDAY 7 DECEMBER 2019/ 17.30h
Palazzo Marin 
San Marco, 2541, 30124 Venezia


Zala Kravos piano 
Natalia Bereslavtseva flute

Music by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Ferroud, Petrovic-Vratchanska

Chiesa di Santa Sofia
Cannaregio, Strada Nuova
Campo Santa Sofia 30121 Venezia
Anna Fusek violin, recorder 
Gianluca Geremia lute, theorbo
Music by Dalza, Zarlino, Barbetta, Marini, Castello, Monteverdi, Albinoni, Marcello

The Glass Cathedral Santa Chiara Murano 
Fondamenta Daniele Manin 1, 30141 Murano
Ekaterina Philippovich violin
Loris Douyez violin and accordion
Frédéric Dothée double bass 
Flavien Casaccio piano
Music by Piazolla, Bacalov, Palmeri, Gardel, Douyez

SUNDAY 22 DECEMBER 2019/ 20.00h
Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli
Cannaregio, 4465, 30121 Venezia
Alessandra Visentin contralto
Kremena Nikolova violin
Anton Martynov violin  
Music by Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli

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