San Martino a Natale 2019 – the sixth International Music Festival is coming back! This year, dedicated to the red color.

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From San Martino to Christmas, dedicated to Vivaldi
” This is an event of absolute value – said the commissioner Paola Mar – which, thanks to the efforts of the organizers and supporters, grows year by year. Music is a universal language that unites us all because it is understandable by everyone. It is a privilege that we all could have, to be abducted by the music and the emotions it arouses,  thanks to this important event “.
IL GAZZETTINO Venice – 07.11.2018

In the historic Arsenal of Venice the concert of San Martino a Natale
The Military Navy has opened the doors of the ancient Arsenal for a great event
On November 8th, in the “Sala degli Squadratori” of the ancient Arsenal of Venice, the concert “Vivaldi con brio” was held, organized by the Institute of Maritime Military Studies, in collaboration with the musical association “Antico Nuovo Barocco” “, as part of the 5th edition of the International Music Festival” San Martino a Natale “.
The numerous city authorities intervened, guests and staff M.M. of the headquarters, with their family members, were welcomed by the Admiral Andrea Romani, Commander of the Institute and of the Navy Military Presidium of Venice, in the “Sala degli Squadratori”, symbol of the maritime power of the Serenissima Republic.
Ministry of Defense – Newsletter of the Navy – 09.11.2018

The “San Martino a Natale” music festival returns to Venice
The “San Martino a Natale” International Music Festival returns for the fifth consecutive year in Venice.
Included in the program of “Le Città in Festa” of the City of Venice, the festival is promoted by the association Antico Nuovo Barocco, a musical reality born from the union of musicians and music lovers and offers quality musical appointments that take into account the structure , history and acoustic qualities of the place where they are performed. This year the program is dedicated to the 340th anniversary of the birth of Antonio Vivaldi.
Municipality of Venice – 05.11.2018

Back to the San Martino a Natale music festival  – Celebrating Vivaldi
This music is for everyone and for everyone One of the aims of the festival is to free classical music from the idea of ​​an elite and refined, culturally superior public. It is no coincidence that the musicians who are guests of the festival are all prominent international artists in the classical world. The first to carry forward this message of universality of the classic, in fact, are just them: with their presence, with their agreements and their passion they will make the performances much more than performances…
VENEZIA.IT – 9.11.2018

To be continued. Good habits, in music…
After the great success of the first part of the International Festival of Music San Martino a Natale, held in Venice from 10 to 14 November, which has sold out for all the events, the second part of this event that wants to revolutionize  the concept of listening to live classical music.
VeneziaNews – 12.2017

San Martino a Natale, a festival for those who love music
San Martino a Natale is an international classical music festival that has been held in Venice for the past four years. The event will take place from 10 to 14 November and from 15 to 20 December 2017. The idea of ​​Kremena Nikolova, the founder and director of the festival, is to bring the public closer to the wonders of the high quality classical music. This music should not be only  for  exclusive audience, but must instead become a patrimony and passion for all…
VENEZIA.IT – 8.12.2017

Romantic notes and tales – Festival starts
opening in the church of Santa Chiara in Murano to bring us closer to the classical music with heart…
IL GAZZETTINO Venice – 09.11.2017

Saturday 11 November there was a prestigious premiere for “our” Arsenal. For the first time since it was recovered in 2015, the Sala degli Squadratori hosted not a Navy event but a cultural event, such as a international concert of baroque music.
The initiative, born from the impulse of Admiral Marcello Bernard of Maristudi, has made it possible to make available the space for the 4th International Music Festival called “San Martino a Natale”, which takes place
between November and December at various prestigious venues of the city of Venice.
Club Tre Emme Venice Newsletter – November 2017

Itinerant music from San Martino to Christmas
The fourth edition of the International Music Festival ” San Martino a Natale will animate this year some of the most evocative places in Venice…
The NUOVA – 09.11.2017

Listening Revolution. New concepts for classical music
Back for the fourth year in Venice the International Festival of Music San Martino at Christmas, hosted by the most evocative and historical places of the city
VENEWS Magazine – November 2017

Vivaldi in Venice. A unique concert at the Arsenale. The Arsenale of Venice, as part of the 4th San Martino International Music Festival at Christmas, in collaboration with the Navy, opens its doors to the public on Saturday 11 November at 6 pm, for a major event dedicated to the music composer Baroque and virtuous Venetian violinist most important, influential and original of his time, whose vast work of composition has influenced composers and musicians of all times and of the world: Antonio Vivaldi.
Radio Venice Classic – 11.11.2017

Back to Venice the “San Martino a Natale” Music Festival that this year comes to its third edition. Many well-known artists from Italy and abroad will offer four days of free concerts and workshops for adults and children.
Venice Classic Radio – 16.12.2016

The third International Music Festival “San Martino a Natale” in Venice, organized by the Bulgarian violinist Kremena Nikolova, will be held from 17 to 21 December. This year the step is enormous,  in terms of program participants and collaborators and supporters …
THE WORD bulletin Bulgaria – 16.12.2016

“The rhythm has something magical, even makes us believe that the sublime belongs to us,” according to Goethe; And it was exactly what proved to be the last concert that closed the prestigious International Music Festival in Venice ”San Martino a Natale”.
LA VOCE – 29.12.2015

“San Martino a Natale” is an event that looks in the future, inserted in a perspective of innovation, internationality and modern vision of the contemporary music
THE GAZZETTINO Venice – 22.12. 2015

A true music festival will accompany the Christmas holidays with six interesting appointments in the Church of San Martino …
THE GAZZETTINO Venice – 23.12.2014

The violinist Kremena Nikolova expresses her love for music by establishing a new festival in Venice. An event that brings together talented musicians from all over the Europe…
Bulgarian National Radio – 23.12.2014

For the third time, it returns “San Martino a Natale” in Venice. The young violinist has been able to attract world class names for her concerts…
Bulgarian National Radio – 13.12.2016

A Bulgarian violinist creates a music festival in the heart of Venice. So much passion and a new concept that combines baroque and contemporary music…
Gramophone BG – Culture – 08.12.2014

A bulgarian organizes a musical festival in Venice – the temple of the culture. “Music first of all, is a question of sincerity…”
Bulgarian National Radio – 24.12.2014

“San Martino a Natale” – in order to re-introduce the development paths, bearing in mind the value of the art, ancient beauty and the rich and millenary history of this city…
THE GAZZETTINO Venice – 24.12.2015

The “San Martino a Natale” Festival of Kremena Nikolova once again celebrates the music, pay more attention to this event, for which is invested in preparations, in money and in a lot time…but first of all in love
Bulgarian National Radio – 18.12.2015