‘…Music helps not to hear inside the silence that is outside…’
                                                       Johann Sebastian Bach

Supporting “San Martino a Natale” is a gesture that looks in the future, in favor of a project of innovation, internationality, modern vision of contemporary music and live performance.
Antico Nuovo Barocco is an association created by young people for young people, who intend to discover new ways, new horizons, upholding the values ​​of the great Venetian and international musical culture. To support this, is a gesture of love for the music; A sincere act that will make you feel part of a European reality and share our mission: to give continuity to an ancient and precious cultural proposal, looking ahead in the future time and generations.

With your help, we can:

– offer a very rich, interesting and innovative music program
– to create a real cultural image of Venice through artistic and educational activities
– to invite the most renewed and talanted musicians to perform in Venice
– to propose to the public a new vision for contemporary music accessible for everyone
– let many children know and enjoy the Venetian cultural heritage
– organize, in collaboration with the Venice Conservatory, workshops and masterclasses with the greatest Maestri
– let Venice and its guests to enjoy, during the Christmas season, great musical and social, top quality events with free entrance

Anyone who wants to support us will have:

– visibility on all our comunications
– special invitations for all our performances
– access to first class places for concerts and rehearsals
– access to the backstage: spaces for rehearsals, meetings with musicians, meetings between members of the association
– presentation of the concert programme by the president and the artistic director
– Possibility to order “private concerts” for special occasions