Oficina Musicum Venetiae



Founded in 2005, Oficina Musicum Venetiae is an instrumental and vocal organization whose activity is mainly focused on the enhancement of baroque and classical music, strictly executed with original instruments.

Its founder, Riccardo Favero, is Director and Concert master. He has brought together under his guidance, musicians and singers with great talent and deep knowledge about the practice of performance, succeeding in the deepening of the best expressions of the production of European music (Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Haydn …).

From the start the activities of Oficina Musicum Venetiae have been focused on the discovery and promotion of those Italian composers too often forgotten by the concert circuits. Among them, Giovanni Legrenzi, Domenico Freschi are undoubtedly the focus of the current research.

Oficina Musicum Venetiae has performed in various Italian and European cities, bringing enthusiastic acclaim from audiences and critics. Recent successes are the “Veneto Festival Musica Antica” and the “Festival Musica Sacra” performed in Trento with the unpublished scores of Giovanni Legrenzi.