MUSIC FOR TWO is an innovative CD recording project, consisting of several albums, of which two are already released, combining baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary music. A project, that is expressed through virtuoso works for two violins. The music for two violins without accompaniment enters a bit like a joke and like something completely new in the repertory of violinists Anton Martynov and Kremena Nikolova. Up from the very beginning, the project has been accepted extremely enthusiastically by the public and illustrious musicians. After the first performances in the prestigious “Le Printemps du Violon” festival in Paris in March 2016 too often appear in the reviews passages as “…you definetely have to record this”, “… I have never heared such a symbiosis between two performers ” ”… they are two perfectly matched parts,” remarking that the interpretation of both musicians possesses a special unknown power, which enchants in a unique way.

A curious fact is, that the new compositions in every CD are in the form of suites with different movements with dancing character and the final of each one is an unusual musical surprise inspired by the traditional music of many countries.
In the first volume is Switzerland with the “Bärner Tanz”, while in the second is the turn of Bulgaria and the virtuoso “Barocianiza”.

MUSIC FOR TWO is regularly broadcasted in European radio programs (France Musique, Radio Clasique, Venice Classic Radio, Rete Top etc.). The recordings are made in Vicenza, at one of the most renowned studios: Basement Studio with the amazing sound engeneer Federico Pelle.

CDs are distributed in Italy, France, Germany and Austria and throught the internet platforms – all around the world.
In the concert version, the program was successfully performed in Italy, France, Bulgaria, Slovenia during important and prestigious festivals.



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Anton Martynov violin
Kremena Nikolova violin

Jean-Marie Leclair (1697 – 1764)
Sonata for 2 violins op.3, no.5 in E Minor 
Allegro ma poco
Gavotte (Andante grazioso)

Sonata for 2 violins op.3, no.4 in F Major
Allegro assai
Aria (Andante grazioso)
Gigue (Allegro moderato)

Sonata for 2 violins op.3, no.6 in D Major
Allegro ma non troppo

Anton Martynov (1969)
Baroque Suite for 2 violins in G Major 
Dä Bärnertanz (Alla Rustica)


Anton Martynov violin
Kremena Nikolova violin

Jean-Marie Leclair (1697 – 1764) 
Sonata for 2 violins op.3 no.1 in G Major 
Allegro ma poco

Sonata for 2 violins op.3 no.2 in A Major
Sarabande (Largo)

Sonata for 2 violins op.3 no.3 in C Major 
Adagio – Vivace

Anton Martynov (1969)
Baroque Suite no.2 for 2 violins in D minor 

“It’s really wonderful, teriffic recording!’’
Ivry Gitlis Violinist 

“In this rare repertoire for two violins, Anton Martynov and Kremena Nikolova accomplish a pure miracle:
they succeed to capture the very spirit of the music while dissimulating to the listener’s ears the prodigious difficulties they so brilliantly master together. What better tribute could have been paid to the memory of Jean-Marie Leclair?”
Yves Kerbiriou Musical Critic (France)


”When I’ve got ‘Music for two’ CD to listen to, I put it in the car CD player and didn’t take it out for over a month – must have listened to it atleast 30 times from beginning to end! It’s so full of inventiveness and inspiration that it still sounds fresh on each new hearing. The sound recording is excellent too, giving the impression of being right next to their violins – everything is clear, dynamic and full of life. And, as ever, Anton Martynov’s music is genius. Can’t wait to hear volume 2!”
Marcus Price pianist (UK) 

”How great ‘’Music for two’’ is! I am listening to it all the time in the car and I love it!  It’s wonderful playing and wonderful music. It’s very special and I hear new things every time”
Lyda Chen Argerich violist (Switzerland)

”There’s numerous good violinists and I appreciate their value to the music industry very much, I love to hear a violin played, but then… there’s a small number of violinists who bring out the very best of their instruments and it’s the sweetest notes, straight from Heaven’s orchestra ! Anton Martynov and Kremena Nikolova have a perfect underdtanding with their violins and they respond with lovely sounds…”
Teresa Mealer Tutor to Symphony Conductors (USA)

”In ‘Music for two’ there is deep emotion and an incredible symbiosis between the two artists who have sunk into the ocean of the music as one.’’
Desislava Kondova violinist (Bulgaria)

”When I listen to this music, I’m thinking about love, I can feel it around, l’m living it. Listening to it with headphones walking in the streets and in subway, I feel separated by a wall of love from the noise and hostile glances, I do not neglect the outstretched hand of beggars, my sadness becomes brighter. I feel that this music is created by people who see the world like me – well, at least the beautiful part of it.’’
Valentina Mihailova journalist (Bulgaria)

‘’I have had many opportunities to listen to Kremena Nikolova as a soloist with various chamber music formations, and I can say that she is increasingly revealing herself, as well as being an excellent violinist, to be a passionate and versatile musician. Absolutely not to be missed are the beautiful and intricate compositions of Anton Martynov for two violins!”
Mario Paladin violist (Italy)

”When listening to ‘’Music for two’’ I feel a wealth of passion in their playing that makes me aware of dimensions in Leclair’s music that I didn’t know. The feeling of sometimes playing a game of hide and seek, at other times a chase, and then a breathless lyricism of deep peace, make it one of the most exciting recordings I know.”
Morten Fuglestad professor of religious studies (Norway)

”I have always liked to listen to the violin. The sound of these two seems to enter under the skin and, depending on the characteristics of the piece performed, it transmits to me vivacity and enthusiasm or yearning melancholy…”
Marcello Bernard Admiral Venetian Navy (Italy)

”Music for two’ is a wind of freshness, the virtuosity of two violins alone above the skies, a baroque exaltation out of the time…”
Romain Renard violinist (France)

”It is time that people come back to think about their future re-thinking about the past and the art we slowly come back to,  aiding us through the beauty to a sort of re-humanism. In Anton and Kremena’s music, there is this, coming out of the human slumber and leading us to a new life, new energy, not without some gentle melancholy…”
Riccardo Favero musician (Italy)

”These musical prophets convey a golden sound of luxurious simplicity…”
Jure Goručan pianist (Slovenia)

”Can the sincere friendship and mutual esteem of two talented musicians be expressed in their music? Yes, it can, and this record is a concrete testimony.
Just listen to Leclair’s Sonata to understand the level of absolute affiliation reached by Kremena Nikolova and Anton Martynov, but even more so, it is in the Baroque Suite composed by Martynov himself that the duo reaches its apex. A CD to be enjoyed and rediscovered every time.”
Massimo Lombardi journalist (Italy)

”Two like one! And like a whole orchestra! You sink into this unusual sound magic, back in the past, you lose the notion of how long you are there and …you do not know if you want to come back…”
Lyudmila Ivanova violin professor (Bulgaria)

”The extravagance and genius of the Baroque resonate  in the modernity of ‘Music for two’!”
Alessandro Pari Lawyer (Italy) 

 MUSIC FOR TWO is produced by NovAntiqua Records
Recorded and mixed at Basement Studio (Vicenza, Italy)
Mastered by Federico Pelle