Saturday 7 December 2019/ 17.30h

Palazzo Marin 
Sestiere di San Marco, 2541, 30124 Venice

Since the ancient times, since the prehistoric époque, the woman has been represented in its many facets and seen as a mother, saint, devil, lover, witch, as a lunatic and connoisseur of the benefits of nature. Throughout the history of art, the woman has excited the mind, awakened the feeling and stimulated the imagination to the point of giving life to explosions of creativity.

The journey to the inexhaustible and fascinating search for a message of beauty and life leads the woman to become a symbol and representation of any times, of all times, without time…

Zala Kravos piano 
Natalia Bereslavtseva flute

Music by Bach, Beethoven, Ferroud, Petrovic-Vratchanska

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