6°International Music Festival 6 -22 December Venice 2019
Artistic director Kremena Nikolova

Nietzsche said that if he had to think of a synonym of “Music”, he would say, Venice. In short, it is impossible not to turn the thoughts to this city immediately, which overwhelms the senses and concentrates in a few square miles of water and stone the religious, artistic and cultural history of Europe.

Since its begining, the San Martino a Natale festival follows the ambitious path of growth and innovation in culture and music education. The event was spontaneously born in 2014 with the intention of bringing in Venice a particular format: to make accessible, free of charge and for a wide and heterogeneous audience, concerts, educational meetings, musical performances and workshops with the participation of highest class internationaly estimed and unique artists, gathered together by the love for Venice and its glorious musical history.
San Martino a Natale is the festival of beauty, quality, innovation, sincere emotion, music that talks…THE MUSIC FESTIVAL OF VENICE

The most evocative and vibrant color

Many nations have given to the colors different names, but some elements in the path of history have remained unchanged, such as, for example, the great value of the RED, considered for a long time the only true color. It represents the divine spirit that descends into man and ignites his vital flame. The red color is also linked to love, passion…to the spark that gives the start of the ideas.

If there is a city to which the red color is bound this is undoubtedly Venice. The history, the fortune, the wealth of the Venetian republic and its dominion, have been tinged in red. An object of personal desire and social distinction, of privileges and prohibitions, red in Venice reveals traffic and political maneuvering, but it is also a chosen materia for the art…

The San Martino a Natale Festival 2019 is dedicated to the mysterious power of red. We have prepared a fabulous musical journey between different styles and epochs that will make you taste a truly special experience.

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