Anticonuovo creations

Are you planning to make a musical event but don’t know from where to start? Do you want to make known a particular location through music with a series of events? Would you like to tell people, how much beautiful there is in your musical work, but you don’t find time and the right way to do it?

We can work together from the bases or by focusing on a particular topic of your communication. We know how to help you by creating a proposal that suits your needs!

What can we do for your event?

✔︎design, manage, coordinate and organize a musical project (show, concert, festival, exhibition, concert season, workshop, masterclass, competition, recording CD, special occasion etc.) according to specific contents, choices, lines and artistic-cultural paths.
✔︎propose programs, indicate protagonists, thematic characteristics, methods of development and aspects of communication.
✔︎manage communication and create content (graphics, web, social media, press releases, mailings, video & audio)
✔︎completely organize the work of the people who collaborate in the realization of the iniziative (venues, spaces, transport, rehearsals, preparation of scores, music stands, big instruments, lights, etc.)
✔︎coordinate travel (national and international), hotel, party and dinner.

If you are an artist, what can we do for you?

✔︎artistic portraits
✔︎write your biography
✔︎manage your communication (web, social media, press releases)
✔︎promotional video
✔︎musical direction during the recording of your CD (suggest the perfect sound engineer, listening during the recording, editing choices, finding the right sound for mastering)
✔︎choice of the contents of the cover and the booklet of your CD.
✔︎graphic design of the cover and the booklet of your CD.



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