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Anticonuovo Association is a musical reality born of the union of experienced and passionate musicians and admirers of classical music. It aims to promote the diffusion of musical culture within the current multiethnic society, with a particular focus on the instrumental and vocal, baroque and contemporary music.

We are convinced that classical music should not only be reserved to an audience of sophisticated music specialists. Beware of the semantic and expressive changes in the contemporary era, we believe in a concept of music that is closer to our time, but does not give up an excellent musical quality and coherence with the cultural heritage. Now is the time to repopulate and believe in places where vibrant and high quality music can be enjoyed, full of communicative power and immediate beauty.

Beautiful is what is liked instinctively, not necessarily related to established patterns or concepts.

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  • Anticonuovo creations – music communication and organization services for you! We can help you create and communicate your project whether you are a musician or an association.
  • Music area – the latest international music news: information about artists and concerts, photos and music videos, interviews, reviews, curiosities.

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